Rock-Lover’s Guide to Leeds Festival

Crowd at a music festival

Live by day. Photo © starfotograf

It’s no secret that I’m a massive music fan. Over on my blog ‘Hello Terri Lowe’ I try and talk about music as much as possible, and with festival season in full swing, now is the perfect time!

Although I have plans to go to Festival No 6 and Leeds Festival on August Bank Holiday weekend, it’s nothing compared to last year, when I was at Sonisphere, Wakestock, Leeds and V Festival!

With Leeds and Reading almost here, I’m sharing my favourite bands from the 2015 line-up here on the Travelodge blog.

1.Gaslight Anthem

If you’re a fan of the KING (also known as Bruce Springsteen) then you will love Gaslight Anthem as much as I do. They’re my ultimate summer band, so listening to them in a field, around 1000s of people, with a cold cider in my hand sounds pretty perfect.

If you’re new to Gaslight Anthem then I highly recommend you have a listen to ‘The 59 Sound’ which is full of upbeat American rock tunes.

Crowd at festival as band plays

Live by night. Photo © dwphotos

2. Refused

I cannot tell you the ENVY I had a few years ago when Refused toured and I didn’t manage to catch them. I am so excited to finally see them on the Lock Up Stage!

The Lock Up Stage is always the best for atmosphere at Leeds Festival and I’ve seen some of my favourite bands there. I literally can’t wait to add Refused to that list!

Recommended listening is the song ‘New Noise’ which I always listen to on the treadmill at the gym. When the sample of the crowd cheers at the end, I like to imagine they’re cheering for me.

Hey, they just might be one day.

3. Alt-J

In a bit of a contrast to both of the above bands, Alt-J have been playing non-stop on my Spotify playlists for about 2 years now.

An Awesome Wave is my absolute favourite album at the moment and I can’t wait to see the song ‘Breezeblocks’ live.

Although it’ll be a more sombre crowd, it’s definitely the type of music you want to see and hear on a sunny afternoon and will hopefully ease the inevitable hangover.

4. Limp Bizkit

Okay, we’re going back to my nu-metal days here, but honestly, when I saw Limp Bizkit a few years ago at Leeds Festival is was the most fun, ever!

I know every word to every song and absolutely love that they still look and sound like they did back when they were ‘cool’ (Sorry, Fred!). They always play the hits and you can just dance around and act silly, and who wouldn’t like that?!

There’s a load more bands I’m really looking forward to and it was pretty hard to narrow it down to just four! But these four are a good mixture of everything I love about going to a festival – the nostalgia, the fun, the cider, the sun, the people.