5 refreshing Boxing Day walks for the whole family

After a fun-filled day of festivities, full tummies and lots of cheer, Boxing Day can have us feeling a little sluggish. So why not venture out for a refreshing walk with those you love?

In this blog, we’ve listed 5 of the best Boxing Day walks across the UK!

1. Steall Falls and the Nevis Gorge

Considered one of the best short walks in Scotland, this incredible route promises unrivalled views with plenty of opportunities to snap a photo. Beginning at the Nevis Gorge whereby you’ll trek through stunning hills with occasional steep drops, the walk isn’t for the faint-hearted. Make sure to wear your most comfortable, practical shoes to tackle the rocky terrain with unrivalled ease. Taking around 2 hours in total, you’ll complete roughly 2.25 miles before you experience breathtaking views at Steall Falls. You may well recognise this tourist hotspot as it features in a number of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter films!

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2. Lackford Lakes Nature Reserve, Suffolk Wildlife Trust

For nature lovers, a seasonal trip to Lackford Lakes Nature Reserve in Suffolk is a must. Comprising an array of incredible landscapes, from lakes to reeds, pretty meadows and plenty of woodland, the reserve stretches roughly 161 acres. Visitors can explore three different trails boasting eight wildlife viewpoints – perfect for bird spotters, insect lovers, fish fanatics and those hoping to snap some photographs. And when you’re ready for a little warmth, look no further than the visitor centre and cafe. Offering everything from hot and cold drinks to sandwiches and cakes, there’s something for the whole family to indulge in.

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3. Blakeney National Nature Reserve, National Trust

Looking to get up close and personal with spectacular animals in their natural habitat? Head to Blakeney National Nature Reserve in Norfolk for a Boxing Day walk unlike any other. This incredible National Trust spot is famed for its breathtaking scenery, whereby walkers have the chance to see England’s largest grey seal colony at Blakeney Point. You may even spot birds of prey across the freshwater grazing marsh. Few things come close to the unbelievable scenes of this beautiful coastline – and we’re sure the whole family will agree!

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4. Little Venice to Camden (Jubilee Greenway)

A stroll around London isn’t typically known for being relaxing, though the route from Little Venice to Camden is certainly an exception. Beginning in Little Venice, you get to experience the calm and serenity of this picturesque inner-city haven. With cafes and restaurants dotted along the canal, why not grab something to eat before beginning the walk? On the route to Camden, expect lots of wildlife, pretty boats, landmark bridges and idyllic scenes ripe for snapping a photo. You’ll even pass by London Zoo where there’s a chance to see giraffes, river hogs and exotic birds. Finishing in Camden, it would be rude not to wrap up the day with a browse of the iconic market!

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5. Powis Castle, Wales

For those with a penchant for visiting historical landmarks, a Boxing Day outing to Powis Castle in Wales will be right up their street. Here, visitors can complete a circular walk beginning in the town of Welshpool, passing by the castle and Montgomery Canal. With such stunning views and plenty of wildlife, it’s no surprise many locals visit often to tackle the challenging route. You’ll even make your way through a medieval deer park – the ultimate place to gather round for an impressive family photo!

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