Britain’s hidden treasures (part 1)

Explore Britain with a fresh set of eyes, with a bit of help from us! We have personally curated a selection of lesser-known places that are a must-visit. Whether you’re after a fun-filled adventure or peace and tranquillity, there is something for everyone in our series of Britain’s hidden treasures.

So what are you waiting for? Start collecting special memories today!

Kyoto Gardens, LONDON

Holland Park has a lot to offer its visitors. There’s a playing field for football or cricket, an ecology centre, and a woodland for some inner-city ‘forest bathing.’ The park even hosts opera performances in the summer. But arguably, the park’s most interesting feature is the enchanting Kyoto Gardens. Instead of splurging on plane tickets to Japan, simply head here and get lost among the cherry blossoms in this unexpected slice of zen. Carefully designed to reflect an authentic Japanese garden, with stone lanterns, tiered waterfalls, Koi Carp ponds, and even peacocks, it truly is an oasis of peace and tranquillity. Plus, it’s free to enter and provides a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Rievaulx Abbey, YORK

Discover one of Yorkshire’s true gems – the 18th-century landscape of
Rievaulx Abbey. Stroll through woods, then out onto Rievaulx Terrace where you will find classical temples and stunning views looking down onto the ruins in the valley below. In spring, the bank between the temples is awash with wildflowers, whereas, in summer, the lawns are the perfect spot for picnics. Autumn is a lovely time to visit too, while the beech woods are a mass of rich golden hues. Snacks, ice cream and drinks are available for the peckish, and dogs are welcome on leads.

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Carn Euny was occupied from the Iron Age until late Roman times and is among the best-preserved ancient villages in South West England. The first settlement of wooden houses was built on the site around 400 BC, and they were later replaced by stone courtyard houses, which are still visible today. Its most intriguing feature is at the heart of the village – a stone-walled underground passage known as a fogou. Carn Euny is a true mystery, and no one knows precisely what it was used for. Still, the care that went into its construction reveals its importance, making it a fascinating place to visit for the whole family or those interested in history.

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Sunbiggin Tarn, CUMBRIA

Sunbiggen Tarn and Moors, with views of Wild Boar Fell, the Howgills and Great Asby Scar, make a wonderful place for a picnic and a walk. Home to a variety of wildlife and plant life, it is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. This area of low moorland is a magnet for many visiting birds during migration, making it a fabulous place for bird watching. It is also on the Coast to Coast Walk route if you happen to be embarking on it. Great Asby Scar National Nature Reserve contains some of the best examples of nationally rare Limestone Pavement in Britain. Since the glaciers of the last ice age melted (about 10,000 years ago), weathering of the limestone has created deep fissures where plants and herbs grow. A fantastic place for children to learn about geology and British wildlife.

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Ring of Brodgar, ORKNEY

Long before the Egyptians began the pyramids, Neolithic man built a vast temple complex at the top of what is now Scotland. The Ring of Brogdar in mainland Orkney, is a spectacular ceremonial site dating from 2500-2000BC. An archaeological treasure, the site is located within a natural amphitheatre of hills, and 27 of the original 60 stones survive today. According to legend, it was a place of worship or ritual, while others believe it was built for the astronomical observation of the equinox and solstice. The truth is no one knows the real reason, which makes it all the more mysterious. Why not venture here and try to figure it out yourself…

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