Best Wifi Cafes in Bournemouth

Travelling to Bournemouth for meetings and find yourself with a few hours to spare? Don’t waste time, get online.

The city has recently welcomed several hip cafés serving up great coffee, delicious food and strong wifi connections, so you can bring a laptop and get down to work like the locals.

Our Bournemouth hotel is just one mile from the train station and a short walk from the city centre, so there are plenty of great options right on your doorstep.

1. South Coast Roast

This ultra-hip café is the sister restaurant to the well-established Boscanova. Both outlets focus on serving up delicious food and perfectly roasted coffee. They claim that their beef sandwich has the power to change your life. Whether you agree with that or not, this is definitely one of the best coffee roasts in the city, and they have a reliable internet connection too, so you can stock up on caffeine whilst you answer emails.

2. Little Pickle Deli Cafe

Nestled in the fashionable Boscombe area, this cosy little café and shop is a little short on space, so get ready to share a table. They offer delicious cream teas for anyone in need of a full sugar fix, and there’s a delicious range of all-day breakfasts that includes egg and soldiers for the big kids among us. Think comfortable and kitsch.

3. The Clock Café

Just a short walk away you’ll find the gorgeous Clock Café. You can’t pay a visit to Bournemouth without trying a serving of locally caught fish and seafood, so stay productive while you dine at TripAdvisor’s number 1-rated local restaurant. They offer a light lunch option, although we’re not sure how beer-battered fish can be considered light, and you can also grab a steaming mug of coffee or hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Fish and chips in newspaper

South coast delicacy. Photo © Shaith

4. Flirt

Right at the heart of the Bournemouth Triangle, this café opens at 9am and stays open late. They have one of the largest selections of hot chocolate flavours that we’ve ever encountered, including Wispa and Kinder Bueno and you can also grab some hearty food including baked potatoes and sandwiches. The décor is eclectic to say the least, with vintage lamps and spooky dolls heads.

5. Kino Lounge

Kino is the place to go for the local art scene. There’s an independent cinema downstairs and the walls are lined with work from local artists. It’s a clean, grown-up space that offers a choice of great coffee, small nibbles and larger plates including pizza and pasta. In the evenings the space turns into a bar, drawing in the creative crowd.

6. Conto Lounge

Conto is part of a chain and a reliable place to grab a tasty lunch and a cup of coffee. The vintage-inspired décor is pretty but not overbearing, making this a comfortable place to spend an hour or two. They cater for a variety of dietary requirements including vegan and gluten-free, and there are tasty salads and sandwiches for a quick bite. Larger plates include mac and cheese, fishcakes and steak.

Don’t forget that your Travelodge Bournemouth hotel also offers a great wifi connection, so you can work from the comfort of your own room too.