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Experience the historical side of Milton Keynes

Woburn Sands is one of the small towns surrounding Milton Keynes that has plenty of architecture demonstrating its age. With human habitation dating back to 500 BC, Woburn Sands has a quaint English town feel - enjoy a drink or bit to eat at The Swan (High Street) or The Station Tavern (Station Road).

The history of computing

You'll find the National Museum of Computing only a short drive away in Bletchley Park. Opened in 2005, the world's most extensive variety of old computers are housed here. Spanning from as early as 1940 all the way up to the advent of personal computing in the modern day, visitors can also see a rebuild of the first electronic computer. This is a great, affordable option if you're looking for things to do Near Woburn Sands.

Go on safari

Woburn Safari Park is a superb experience with over 80 species of animals including bears, tigers and lions. Situated in between Woburn Sands and the M1 (Junction 13), the Woburn Park is spans over 360 acres giving you a memorable safari experience here in the UK. You can see tigers, rhinos, penguins, antelopes and much more. Online discounts for cheaper tickets are available. The Nearest Travelodge to Woburn Sands is 'Milton Keynes at The Hub' and there are 9 other Travelodge options within 15 miles to choose from.