Chichester Emsworth Hotel

Travelodge Chichester Emsworth Hotel

A27 Eastbound
Nr. Havant
PO10 7RB
United Kingdom
0871 984 6024?
01243 378699
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Located 7.5 miles from Chichester city centre and 8 miles from Chichester train station, the Chichester Emsworth Hotel is the ideal place to stay in this old fishing village. Explore Chichester Emsworth, famous for its unique style and elegance (9 miles) or visit Hayling Island for a traditional getaway and insight into the legacy of Chichester Emsworth (21 miles). 

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Travelodge is 10 miles east of Portsmouth on the eastbound carriageway of the A27. (However, the junction to access A27 westbound is 7 miles east of the Travelodge, therefore the distance to return to Portsmouth is 24 miles).

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Travelodge car park has 36 spaces, free of charge available on a first-come first-served basis.

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