The Perfect Weekend in Edinburgh

The capital city of Scotland is the second most visited place in the UK, and a trip up North will teach you why. With history that stretches back millennia, and the biggest annual international arts festival in the world, Edinburgh is bursting with things to do, see, and learn. Book a room in one of our Edinburgh hotels for the chance to experience some of the following:



Just a little way out of the city—an easy bus will get you there in no time—the Royal Yacht Britannia is well worth a visit.  An audio tour takes you around the five decks and gives a fascinating insight into the ship that served as a floating palace for the Royal Family for over forty years. Once you’re back on land, the Museum of Scotland is a brilliant visit, and a great way to keep the family amused on a rainy afternoon.



The best sights of Edinburgh are up high, so get ready for a climb. The Edinburgh Castle is impossible to miss, and well worth an afternoon’s exploring. Then, make your way up to Arthur’s Seat, which is a dramatic hill from which you can see the whole of the city. If you can motivate the kids to get up in time to watch the sunrise from the top, you’re in for a spectacular sight.


 Family Fun

Between the imposing castle and the men in kilts with strong accents, Edinburgh can be a pretty spooky place. There’s no better way to see this side of the city than by going on a ghost tour. Several tour operators offer a variety of options, but for the most amusing, let a ghoul guide you on foot around the scary side of the city’s sights.



The people of Edinburgh are known for their sense of humour, and if you’re up for a night of laughter, a standup comedy show might be just the thing for you. Try a venue like The Stand to watch some quality acts, before hitting the town later on. For a wild evening, end up in the Grassmarket, but for a more upmarket scene, make your way to George Street.



Edinburgh is caught in between its traditional roots and its modern flair, which means that the dining options are seriously varied. Whether you’re usually into the white tablecloth thing, or you’d rather something more homely, here are a few of Edinburgh’s best eateries:

Breakfast: Spoon is one of the places where J. K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. But that’s not the reason you should stop in for brunch. Come her for the lemony kippers or the “scotch woodcock” eggs with anchovies and capers.

Lunch: With a workday lunch menu at just £10 for two courses, The Cellar Door is a great spot for quality comfort food, and to escape the crowds.

Tea: There is nothing quite like afternoon tea at the Balmoral. Sit in the Drawing Room or the Palm Court and enjoy the full traditional affair like an old-school aristocrat.

Dinner: The Grain Store is one of those restaurants that manages to win the hearts of locals as well as visitors. With the best Scottish produce, a classic, unstuffy environment, and a great view of Victoria Street, this place won’t disappoint.


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