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Sate your curiosity at Quarry Bank Mill

Quarry Bank Mill is one of Britain's most significant heritage sites, brimming with the spirit of the industrial revolution, located just south of Manchester. Visit the monolithic cotton mill, dating back to 1784, and you'll get a potent sense for this important stage in the UK's history. Here, you can learn all about the history of the cotton industry, from medieval times to the present day, speak to helpful demonstrators and enjoy the ever-changing program of intriguing exhibitions.

A walk around Quarry Bank Gardens

Aside from its spellbinding history, Quarry Bank also has its own beautiful gardens, with paths running from the bottom of a valley passing caves, cliffs, beautiful trees and flowers. The kitchen garden is also a highlight, with a lovingly restored glasshouse and an array of bright, exotic fruits.

The Mummies of Manchester

Visitors to Quarry Bank may want to make time to visit the Manchester Museum, home to one of Europe's most impressive collections of ancient Egyptian artefacts, including 20 human mummies taken from Thebes and Luxor. A trip to see these and other ancient exhibitions is not something you'll experience every day. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Quarry Bank? Travelodge Altrincham Central Hotel is a half-hour drive away, and Travelodge Knutsford Hotel can be reached within 45 minutes.