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The mining heritage of Ferryhill

Located around 15 miles north of Darlington in County Durham, Ferryhill is small town which enjoyed rapid growth due to coal mining in the 1900s. While the last mine in the area closed in 1968, it remains a great location from which to explore all the fascinating villages and towns which can be found across the local area.

The incredible beauty of Durham Cathedral

The cathedral city of Durham is one place you will simply not want to miss while in the region. Just seven miles north of Ferryhill, the historic location is home to incredible attractions including Durham Cathedral. The stunning building is steeped in history and is thought to have been built in 1043, although these days it is best known for starring roles in major film series including Harry Potter.

Plenty more to explore in the region

There really is something for everyone to enjoy in this region. Train enthusiasts will love heading to Shildon to visit Locomotion: the National Railway Museum, while lovers of the Great Outdoors can also take a drive into the North Pennines to marvel at the stunning High Force waterfall. If you are looking for some nightlife or retail therapy, Newcastle is only around half an hour away too. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Ferryhill? Travelodge Sedgefield Hotel and Travelodge Durham Hotel both offer great accommodation at low rates.