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Sample life aboard the SS Great Britain

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's ocean-going engineering masterpiece is Bristol's number one tourist destination thanks to its inventive ways of bringing history to life. She made her maiden voyage in 1845, and at that time was the world's longest passenger ship; she was also the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic, doing so in 14 days. She's been housed in a dry dock in the city where she was built since 1970, and has been restored to her former glory.

Set sail on the SS Great Britain

Take a step back in time to the SS Great Britain's glory days. Audio tours are available to give visitors a sense of life aboard this fantastic vessel, while actors in period dress reveal what it was like to live and work on board. The brave can even have a go at climbing the rigging, and there's a chance to see what it was like to sail both third and first class.

More to explore at the Dockyard Museum

Further your knowledge of the SS Great Britain by visiting the adjacent Dockyard Museum. Its exhibits focus not only on its heyday, but how the ship served the nation during two world wars, as well as the work that went into restoring her. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Brunel's SS Great Britain? Try Travelodge Bristol Central Hotel, Travelodge Bristol Central Mitchell Lane Hotel or Travelodge Bristol Cribbs Causeway Hotel.