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Welcome to Rodney Parade

Standing on the banks of the river Usk in the centre of Newport, Rodney Parade is a rugby stadium owned by the Welsh Rugby Union. It's the home ground of Newport's regional Rugby Union team, Dragons, along with Newport County Football club. It was opened in 1877, making it the second-oldest stadium in the Football League, after Deepdale.

Exploring Newport

Although the name �Newport� is shared by many places, two of them in Wales, this is the only city that's hosted a NATO summit, Ryder Cup, and its many unique landmarks. Visitors can marvel at Newport's historic houses like Tredegar House, get closer to its beautiful surrounding nature at RSPB Wetlands Reserve, or delve into even deeper history at the National Roman Legion Museum. As a great place to explore Cardiff and the surrounding beauty of Wales' south coast, Newport is an adventure waiting to be had.

Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths

Caerleon is one of the iconic staples of the Roman occupation of Britain; a state-of-the-art leisure centre of the ancient world. This is where Roman residents could enjoy exercise rooms, an open-air swimming pool and other pleasures we generally tie to the modern day. Its remains now give visitors a fascinating look into what life was like in the second century, and the chance to learn more about the Romans' influence on Britain.

Planning a trip to Rodney Parade? Travelodge Newport Central Hotel is just cross the river, and Travelodge Cardiff Llanedeyrn Hotel can be reached in 20 minutes.