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Known as the 'big county,' Perthshire sits in central Scotland. Its history of kings and battles is only made more thrilling with the dramatic landscape. From the large valleys in the east to the mountainous landscape of the highlands, it's easy to see how former residents Ewan McGregor and JK Rowling got their taste for adventure. Stay in one of our hotels in Perthshire to see how much inspiration you take from the scenery. With all the forts, palaces and castle ruins, your imagination will run wild and surely out-perform your body.

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Book a hotel in Perthshire and start your day visiting Scone Palace. It's rich in medieval Scottish history, and it's quite easy (and a wee bit fun) to envisage yourself living here as royalty. Make a day of it as there are multiple themed gardens and a star-shaped maze to keep the kids busy. Stay in our Perth A9 Hotel which is 4.4 miles away. Great View Alert: For incredible views of the River Tay and beyond, walk up Kinnoul Hill � the runner-up in Scotland's Finest Woods Awards. If you start the journey from our Perth Central Hotel, it's just over a mile to Kinnoul Hill. If you've brought the bad weather with you (or so it seems), head to The Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Must-see Moment: Spend some quality time with the Perth mummy.

Things to do in Perthshire

Lochleven Castle is situated on an island in Loch Leven and is a must-see. As you approach it by boat, you'll realise that Scottish history rarely gets more exciting than this. It's 18.5 miles (by car not boat sadly) from our Perth Broxden Junction Hotel. While you're in the area, visit the nearby Loman Hills. It's a popular spot for paragliders. Try if you dare. If you don't have children with you, and you're a fan of whiskey, visit Scotland's oldest distillery Famous Grouse. Go for the tour and tasting. It's at the end of the famous Scottish Whiskey Trail, 16 miles from our Perth A9 Hotel.