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Hotels near Longleat Safari Park

Cheetah Kingdom. Tiger Territory. Gorilla Island. These aren't children's cartoons. They're zones within 9000-acre Longleat Safari Park where you can get up close and personal with wild (and oftern ferocious) animals. Welcome to the first drive-through safari outside Africa. Proceed with caution as you may feel like you (and the 500 different types of animals you'll be surrounded by) are living inside a David Attenborough documentary.

Book hotels near Longleat Safari park

Book hotels near Longleat Safari Park and our Warminster hotel is a short 5 mile drive or sprint (if you're a cheetah) away. After a day in the wild, it's time for a history lesson. How about a visit to the Roman Baths? You'll walk in the sandals of the Romans and experience a life like theirs, partly due to the excellent audio tour. It's only 0.7 miles from our Bath Waterside Hotel as is the Prior Park Landscape Gardens which contains one of only four Palladian bridges in the world. If ancient history and 18th century design aren't your thing, try modern fashion. With over 165 dressed figures from the 17th century to present, the Museum of Costume presents a comprehensive overview of fashion from the mini-skirt to the man bag.

Things to do near Longleat safari Park

Venture out from Longleat, and you'll reach Stonehenge. About 2 miles west of our Amesbury Hotel, this prehistoric monument is one of the most famous sites in the world. It's where people buried their loved ones 5,000 years ago, and the brilliant audio guide explains its mystery and history. Trek back in time 9000 years and you'll have the age of Cheddar Man, one of the highlights of Cheddar Gorge which is often considered one of the greatest natural wonders in Britain. It's just 13.9 drive from our Glastonbury Hotel and also features two majestic caves that inspired Tolkien's books.