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Hot air balloons over Somerset. An Abbey where England's first king was crowned. Afternoon tea with former resident Jane Austen (time machine dependent). Stay in any of our hotels near Radstock and you can easily visit the Southwest's crown jewel Bath where a mere 5,000 of the buildings are architecturally significant. In addition to being home to the Roman Baths, Bath put you close countless number of shops, restaurants and museums dedicated to a wide variety of topics (fashion, astronomy, Americana?).

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Book hotels near Radstock and visit the Roman Baths as it's only 0.7 miles from our Bath Waterside Hotel. This is your chance to walk in the sandals of the Romans and experience a life like theirs, partly due to an excellent audio tour. If ancient history isn't your thing, join the debate: historical or modern fashion? With over 165 dressed figures from the 17th century to present, the Museum of Costume presents a comprehensive overview of fashion from the mini-skirt to the man bag. And it's only a quarter mile from our Bath Central Hotel. Finally, try to end the day in the right way � with a Sally Lunn bun, a teacake that's always been associated with Bath as it was first mentioned in the local paper in 1772.

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If you venture 6 miles from our Beckington Hotel, you'll find yourself living among cheetahs, tigers and gorillas at the 9000-acre Longleat Safari Park, the first drive-through safari outside Africa. Be sure to check out recent additions Penguin Island and Stingray Bay. While Longleat is wonderful, it's not the second greatest natural wonder in Britain like Cheddar Gorge, just 13.9 drive from our Glastonbury Hotel. With two majestic caves that inspired Tolkien's books, the Gorge is a sensorial delight � sculptures, stalagtites and a skeleton - the world's oldest, 9000-year old Cheddar Man.