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Welcome to Neston

Neston is one of Cheshire's many historic market towns, situated Near the mouth of the river Dee. Its unusual name has Viking origins, and the similarly-named Nesttun is a town Near Bergen, Norway. Before the river Dee silted up, the town was an important port in the Liverpool area, and was historically linked to the great mining boom in northern England.

Discover Chester

Chester is known for its wonderfully preserved timber-framed houses and medieval walls, which attract countless history buffs to the city every year. A local calendar full of vibrant food and drink festivals also makes it a popular destination among foodies. Visitors who love wildlife should certainly make time for a visit to Chester Zoo, housing a wide range of animals from miniscule insects to mighty Asian elephants.

Chester Roman Amphitheatre - a staple of Britain's ancient past

A Grade I listed building Near Chester's ancient city walls, the Chester Roman Amphitheatre is a truly incredible historical site to behold. It's the largest Roman amphitheatre ever uncovered in Britain, and was built shortly after the initial invasion. It hosts many outdoor theatre productions throughout the year, and some of its intriguing artefacts can be seen in the Grosvenor Museum.

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