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Live British history at Hadrian's Wall

Hadrian's Wall is one of the most famous and ancient sites in British history. For 300 years, the wall was a military frontier spanning almost 80 miles east to west. Built by an expeditionary force of 15,000 men over the course of six years, it exists today as both an incredible historical relic and feat of ancient engineering. As you explore the turrets, shrines and houses, you'll really feel like you're living through British history.

Carlisle - a history buff's paradise

The UK is a country steeped in history, and Carlisle has an especially notable concentration of intriguing sites to explore. Walk along the battlements of Carlisle Castle, see the eye-opening exhibits of the Cumbria Museum of Military Life, drink in the Victorian splendour of Tullie House, or stare up at the imposing architecture of Carlisle Cathedral. With many more points of historical interest to see, Hadrian's Wall certainly isn't the only fascinating site that brings people to Carlisle.

Bask in the majesty of Carlisle Cathedral

One of the true architectural gems of northern England, Carlisle Cathedral is a staggering building, and its sheer size and beauty is something no visitor will forget. Its gothic architectural features, towering arched roof, and sublime stained glass all make the cathedral a must-see for anyone visiting the area. Planning a trip to Hadrian's Wall? Travelodge Carlisle Central Hotel can be reached in just over half an hour, and Travelodge Carlisle Todhills Hotel is a 40-minute drive away.