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An introduction to Maryport

The coastal town of Maryport was a sleepy fishing village for much of its history, until the affluent Senhouse family developed it into a bustling coal port. The planned development is still evident today in its neat grids of cottages and terraces. Those interested in the history of the town can learn more about it at its local Maritime Museum and the Senhouse Roman Museum.

Fall in love with The Lake District

The Lake District National Park, one of Britain's most well-known areas of natural beauty, offers sweeping vistas like no other. Visitors can soak in all the surrounding beauty from the deck of a traditional steamboat crawling over the surface of the placid lakes, or scale some of the highest peaks in England to stare out at awe-inspiring vistas. For anyone who's sick of the furore of towns and cities, the Lake District is the perfect place to get away from it all, breathe the fresh, country air, and lose yourself in the arms of nature.

Discover Britain's roots at Senhouse Roman Museum

Set in a dramatic location on rugged clifftops overlooking the Solway Firth, Senhouse is an award-winning museum dedicated to the Roman history of Britain. Many of the fascinating artefacts housed here have links to the ancient Roman fort that stood in Maryport, and the Roman settlement that relied on it for protection. With ongoing excavations and a dedicated team of volunteers, Senhouse ranks among the best places in the world to learn about Roman Britain.

Planning a trip to Maryport? Travelodge Cockermouth Hotel is a 15-minute drive away, and Travelodge Carlisle Central Hotel can be reached in 50.