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Hampstead hotels

This quaint area of London boasts an array of great shops, bars and pubs. Originally famous for its natural spring waters, Hampstead is today celebrated for its timeless cobbled streets and gourmet eateries. Stay at one of our hotels in Hampstead and you'll discover an impressive 791 acres of green, open space comprising playing fields, woodland, parks, swimming pools and idyllic meadows. It's certainly a great spot to visit when the sun is shining, however, regardless of the weather you're guaranteed to find an activity to suit all.

Book hotels in Hampstead

Book Hampstead hotels and prepare to enjoy every part of this picture-perfect town, including Hampstead Heath Swimming Ponds, a renowned open aired swimming pool on Hampstead Heath, just 11 minutes from our London Cricklewood hotel. Other areas of interest include Highgate Cemetery, which boasts a variety of impressive funerary architecture and sits 20 minutes from our London Central hotel. Primrose Hill is also nearby and is a popular celeb hangout boasting an assorting of must-try cafes and boutique style shops. Kentish Town City Farm is a great place to visit if you're travelling with children, as it's here you'll stumble upon a taste of the countryside in the heart of London.

Things to in Hampstead

From its stunning scenery to its many family friendly activities, there is certainly something to suit all in Hampstead. Stay in one of our Hotels in Hampstead London and learn a little more about this popular tourist spot, exploring all it has to offer at your own pace. When visiting, a trip to Camden Lock Market is not to be missed. This prevalent outdoor shopping experience is home to an energetic vibe and an abundance of colourful stalls, selling everything from taste-tantalising food to vintage clothes and jewellery.