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The high life of Hoxton

Hoxton was once a rundown part of East London, but in recent years has undergone a dramatic transformation, becoming a centre for the so-called hipster generation. Its once abandoned Victorian warehouses have been transformed into fashionable residences, eateries, bars and retail units, while street art has brightened up its formerly drab appearance.

A blast from the past in Hoxton

The recently revived Hoxton Market is well worth a visit and offers a glimpse of the area's working class roots. The Geoffrey Museum of the Home should also be experienced. Housed in 18th-century Grade I listed former almshouses, it offers an insight into the development of the British home and its interiors across the centuries; it also features an excellent cafe.

A shopper's paradise at Old Spitalfields Market and beyond

Just south of Hoxton lies the City of London. If you can't find what you're looking for in Hoxton's myriad of artisan businesses, then take a trip to Brick Lane or Old Spitalfields Market, which feature a number of unusual but intriguing shops, as well as pop-up stalls and a wide variety of pubs, restaurants and bars.

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