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Start your engine at Thruxton Motorsport Centre

Thruxton Motorsport Centre is a motorsport circuit just outside of Thruxton, Hampshire, and the headquarters of the British Automobile Racing Club. Aside from running experience days that allow you to drive Ferraris and McLarens, the circuit plays host to a number of high-profile events, including Formula 3 and British Touring Cars racing. Its notable as having been the venue for the BBC series Stars in Fast Cars in the noughties.

Salisbury - a city enveloped by countryside

Though large and cosmopolitan, Salisbury is mainly known for its surrounding rural beauty that epitomises everything that's great about the English countryside. Visit it, and you'll find a place that's characterised by a rich and varied history, where timber-framed buildings blend seamlessly with Georgian and Victorian architecture, all overshadowed by the towering spire of Salisbury Cathedral. Aside from the historical intrigue, Salisbury also boasts reputable restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines, and shopping centres like the Cross Keys and Old George Mall.

Take wing at The Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

The Boscombe Down Aviation Collection is one of Salisbury's most well-known and frequented attractions. A huge array of aircraft, replicas, cockpits, weapons and trials equipment spanning several decades of aviation history is hosted here. Highlights include the imposing Sea Harrier and the Comet C Mk 2 Sagittarius, one of the world's first commercial jetliners.

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