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Amesbury - Stonehenge's next-door neighbour

Nestled on the River Avon, the attractive historical town of Amesbury makes for an ideal stopping point for anyone wanting to witness the legendary Stonehenge, which is situated only 2 miles away, and Woodhenge, only a mile and a half in distance.

With independent shops, museums, restaurants and inns, there's also plenty to do in Amesbury itself, making it the ideal location for a memorable trip.

Witness the mysteries of Stonehenge and Woodhenge

For anyone visiting Amesbury, Stonehenge has to be seen to be believed. One of the wonders of the world, the prehistoric monument s one of the country's most famous tourist attractions. The exhibition and visitor centre also feature artefacts from ancient times.

Stonehenge isn't the only historical site in the area. Woodhenge is also believed to have been built in the Neolithic era, around 2300 BC, and is thought to have been the remains of a burial mound. These sites simply have to be crossed off your bucket list.

Experience the tranquility of Mompesson House

Under 8 miles from Amesbury, Mompesson House is situated in Salisbury, and offers yet more historical delights. This Queen Anne-era house is so beautiful, the award-winning film Sense and Sensibility was filmed here.

Looking for accommodation in Amesbury? Travelodge Amesbury Stonehenge Hotel is ideal, and under a mile away. Travelodge Andover Hotel is under 12 miles away.