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About Potters Bar Railway Station

Potters Bar Railway Station is a four-platform train station serving the town of Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. It was opened in 1850, one of the original stops on a main line connecting Peterborough to Maiden Lane. It's distinctive by its postmodern architectural style, which replaced an earlier redesign carried out in the 1950s.

St Albans - Hertfordshire's cathedral city

A well-known cathedral city in the heart of Hertfordshire, St Albans is distinguished by a strong link to its history, which stretches back to the Roman occupation of Britain. Its impressive cathedral is even named after an early Roman Christian, who was martyred for converting. Other fascinating historical sites like the Roman Verulamium and the Old Gorhambury House are broken up by green spaces like the Garden of Rose, and a great selection of shops, pubs, and international restaurants.

The Verulamium Museum - a relic of Britain's ancient past

The Verulamium Museum is an award-winning historical attraction in St Albans, displaying a range of incredible objects from the ancient Roman city of Verulamium, including staggering mosaics, detailed pottery and glassworks, and re-constructed scenes of Roman life, giving visitors a unique look into life and culture in one of Britain's major Roman cities.

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