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Award-winning wine in Shoreham

You may know about this idyllic Kent hideaway from its much-loved annual duck race. But there's much more to this quaint village than a bunch of rubber ducks, as the Mount Vineyard shows. The vineyard creates award-winning wines, and is open to visitors from Thursday to Sunday all year round. Head down to try out delicious reds and whites, surrounded by the very grapes that made them, while enjoying a cheese board that's just as moreish as the tipple.

Sights and sounds of the city...

If you've had enough of the stunning countryside surroundings that Shoreham offers, you're not far away from buzzing London. Hop on the train or get in your car and travel to the capital for memorable sights, busy bars, fabulous food and thrilling theatre. When you're done with the hustle and bustle, there's nothing more peaceful than returning back to Shoreham.

Awe-inspiring aviation history

The Shoreham Aircraft Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the history of sky exploration. It has hundreds of exhibits, ranging from aircraft parts to eye-witness accounts from World War II. Together, the aviation relics and expert information from the museum team create a memorable experience that's not to be missed. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Shoreham? Try out our Travelodge London Sidcup Hotel. The Travelodge Dartford Hotel also puts you Nearby.