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An introduction to Boroughbridge

Marking the midway point between London and Edinburgh, Boroughbridge is a small town and ancient civil parish. Full of beautiful rustic houses, the history of Boroughbridge stretches far past the point of human record, and is home to the mysterious Devil's Arrows standing stones. With a range of quaint shops, cafes, and inns, all surrounded by beautiful countryside, Boroughbridge is a popular base for many people coming to see Yorkshire.

Have a look at Harrogate

A short drive south-west from Boroughbridge, Harrogate is a pretty Victorian spa town, as well as the name for the surrounding rural district, which contains the medieval city of Ripon. A lively and varied town, visitors to this area can experience unique restaurants like Las Iguanas, intriguing historical sites like Fountains Abbey, and beautiful areas of natural beauty like Thrucross River.

Step back in time to Aldborough Roman Site

Just outside of Boroughbridge, Aldborough Roman Site is an intriguing day out waiting to be had. Once a hugely important urban centre in Roman Britain, it served as the capital of the Brigantes, the largest of all the Britannic tribes. The site contains two incredible Roman mosaics, and its in-house museum has an incredible collection of well-preserved archaeological finds from Roman Britain.

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