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A picnic Near West Suffolk Hospital

West Suffolk Hospital was founded back in 1832 but only became part of the National Health Service in 1993.

The surrounding area of Bury St Edmunds presents many beautiful attractions, churches, parks and gardens to explore and you can enjoy a picnic lunch away from the hospital facilities. Hardwick -�a 55 acre park that sits just outside the hospital - has a children's play area, leisure pitches and dog-friendly areas, perfect for keeping the full family entertained.

Nautical exploration at Nearby Southwold

Southwold Lighthouse is less than an hour away. The lighthouse was built in 1887 as a guide for passing ships and vessels coming into the harbour. It stands 31m high and the light can cover a range of 24 NM (nautical miles).

You can enjoy a tour of the lighthouse and learn of its history and changes over the years. The award-winning pier is a beautiful sight and with attractions, shops, and the stunning seaside, it should be home to a memorable day out.

Discovery Edmundsbury Cathedral

The stunning Cathedral of Edmundsbury is just over a mile away from the hospital. It was built in 1503 and recently an extension to the tower was completed. There are tours available where you can find out a lot more about the history of this great place of worship; not just the religion, but the history of the structure and embellishments.

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