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Suffolk Hotels

Colourful thatched-roof cottages. 49 miles of beautiful coastline. A cosmopolitan centre with waterfront appeal. Whether you're on a family getaway or a couple's weekend break, there's plenty to do. Start by enjoying the water, either on the beach or by boat. Then move onto the towns. Choose from cobbled streets and local pubs or the newly developed marina and a bit of arts and culture. Stay in one of our hotels in Suffolk and have the best of both worlds � everything you need for modern living, juxtaposed against rustic, rural life.

Book hotels in Suffolk

Book a hotel in Suffolk and explore England's Sunshine Coast (unfortunately the name doesn't guarantee the weather). Start at Lowestoft for a family beach day, and head back to our Lowestoft Hotel when you've had enough. It's a 10-minute drive away. You'll surely enjoy all the usual seaside attractions. Then there's the disco lighting and smoke machines at the Roller Rink at Claremont Pier. If you want to combine sea and city, Ipswich is the place for you. Head to the marina and watch the boats coming in and out as you explore the galleries, shops and restaurants. Instagram Moment: Stay til dusk to see the city lights reflected in the water. If you need to rest before dinner, our Ipswich Hotel is a five-minute walk away.

Things to do in Suffolk

Spend a day wandering through picturesque villages in the Suffolk countryside. Our favourite is Cavendish. One of the best examples of Suffolk's famous pink-walled, black thatched cottages, this village is a visual delight. Our Colchester Feering Hotel is 21.1 miles away but detour slightly and you'll find yourself in Dedham Vale. Here, you can hire canoes and view the scenery from the River Stour. If the weather is not in your favour, visit Ickworth house instead. It was designed to impress, and with its grand round fa�ade, it's hard not to be. Our Barton Mills Hotel is a 25-minute drive away.