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UCA Farnham - a hotbed of creativity

Located in the quaint Georgian town of Farnham, Surrey, the largest campus of the University for the Creative Arts is home to over 2000 students. The James Hockey and Foyer Galleries pay host to guest artists as well as work of staff, students and graduates. Several research centres are on a site where creativity is key, and freedom is granted to help students reach their full potential.

The Sculpture Park - an ever-changing display of excellence

16 minutes away from the University of Creative Arts by car, Farnham's sculpture park is the world's largest year-round sculpture exhibition. Unlike most exhibitions, almost every sculpture is for sale, meaning the park never stays the same for long. Featuring 600 works by over 300 artists, it's easy to lose yourself in the stunning art on display.

Visit the historically important Farnham Castle

Only a mile from UCA Farnham and overlooking the town, Farnham Castle was originally built in 1138. It was demolished and rebuilt several times through history, making the various remains a startling showcase of different architecture through the ages. Featuring beautiful gardens and a park within its five acres, entry is free, so why wait?

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