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Sussex hotels

From the beaches of famous resorts like Brighton, Eastbourne and Bognor Regis to the rolling beauty of the South Downs, Sussex has something for everyone. Busy coastal towns. Picturesque villages dotted around the green countryside. A thriving cultural and party scene in towns like Brighton (aka London-By-The-Sea). Served by Gatwick Airport, and with easy access to the bright lights and business of London, our many hotels in Sussex are very well-connected - but with so much going on, the question is: why leave the county at all?

Book hotels in Sussex

Book your stay at one of our hotels in Sussex, and here's your first decision. Focus on the present day or 11th century? That's when a small but significant battle took place near Hastings as you may recall? The battlefield is just 6 miles from our Hastings Hotel. The guided commentary's great. Even buy the t-shirt if you must. With your historical inclinations satisfied, a weekend break to Brighton can offer not only the colourful nightlife, but also a thriving destination for shoppers and sightseers during the day. A few more tips: Visit the Brighton Pavilion, (built in the 18th century by the Prince Regent for his mistress), stroll along the pier or simply wander around the town. Just be careful � it's easy to get lost in the Lanes.

Things to do in Sussex

If you're staying at one of our hotels in Sussex, why not take the kids to see either the Brighton Sealife Centre or the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings, just over a mile from our Hastings Hotel? Or venture further inland and enjoy the local farming heritage at the Seven Sisters Sheep Centre near East Dean or the Spring Barn Farm in Lewes (just 16 miles from our Hickstead Hotel). Failing that, get a feel for Brighton's individual style, with the fascinating and eclectic displays at the Brighton Museum And Art Gallery.