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Billingshurst Five Oaks Hotel

Travelodge Billingshurst Five Oaks Hotel

A29 Stane Street
Five Oaks
West Sussex
RH14 9AE
United Kingdom
0871 984 6013?
01403 783022
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About this hotel

Check into the Billingshurst Five Oaks Hotel for a fantastic stay right in the heart of West Sussex. This hotel is ideally situated just a mile from the town and another mile from Billingshurst train station. As such, it’s perfect for visiting local attractions, including Fishers Farm Animal Park.

With the wealth of fun days out available in the area, such as a trip to Arundel Castle or Butlins at Bognore Regis, the Billingshurst Five Oaks Hotel an ideal location for active families. Guests can also enjoy nearby Brighton (23 miles) and the children-friendly Chessington World of Aventures (25 miles). 

Useful Information

This hotel will be undergoing a makeover from 17/08/2015 to 28/08/2015. During the makeover we will keep any disruption and inconvenience to a minimum.

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On the A29 northbound, 1 mile north of Billingshurst.

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