Okehampton Whiddon Down Hotel

Travelodge Okehampton Whiddon Down Hotel

A30 Whiddon Down
Merrymeet Junction
Exeter Road
Okehampton, Devon
EX20 2QT
United Kingdom
0871 984 6047?
01647 231273
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Offering a great country experience, the Okehampton Whiddon Down Hotel is ideal as a holiday destination or for anyone simply passing through. This is one of the best located hotels in Okehampton for those looking to explore the countryside. Okehampton itself is only 5 miles away while wider areas, such as Dartmoor National Park (15 miles), are conveniently close. Exeter and Plymouth are also within easy reach, making this a great base to tour the fantastical coastal county of Devon from.

If you are interested in sampling local delights, there are numerous attractions on your doorstep. For history buffs, Okehampton Castle is only 3 miles away, with Castle Drogo a little further afield at 8 miles out. Nature lovers should visit Lydford Gorge, only 6 miles away, which offers unique scenic views as the deepest gorge in the South West, boasting an impressive 30m waterfall.

This hotel has recently been updated with our fresh new look and features Travelodge's new room design complete with Dreamer Bed so you can be sure of a great night's sleep.

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Directions supplied by Travelodge

Westbound on the A30 (Exeter): 1 mile after a sign for Whiddon Down, exit the A30 onto the slip road just after the services sign. Here you will find the Travelodge. Eastbound on the A30 (Cornwall):Exit the A30 after the services sign onto the slip road. Go over the bridge and turn right at the sign for Whiddon Down. Here you will find the Travelodge.

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Travelodge car park has 40 spaces free of charge, available on a first come first served basis.

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