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Escape the city in sleepy Westbury

Westbury in Buckinghamshire is one of those villages that seems stuck in a timewarp - in a very good way. The sandstone cottages with beautiful thatched roofs seem almost more at home on a postcard or a biscuit tin than they do lining the streets of a modern village, but that's only because we think of such places as being lost to time. They exist, however, and Westbury is the perfect place to start looking.

Take your taste buds back in time

Westbury is home to Geoff's Real Artisan Bread, a small artisanal bakery which offers distinctive gourmet produce for everyone from local villagers to the elite at Silverstone and Towcester Racecourse. Right next door, the fully licenced Westbury Shop & Cafe provide an ideal place to take a break and enjoy some quality local produce at reasonable prices.

Have a wheelie good time

Just when you start to think this particular corner of Buckinghamshire is too quiet, something like the Wheelie School in Nearby Finmere Aerodrome pops up to change your mind. Providing a safe and secure environment in which to learn how to pull incredible stunts on two wheels (or, rather, one), this motorbike school teaches you all the things you definitely shouldn't be doing on the open road. Looking for accommodation in Westbury? Travelodge Buckingham Hotel has everything you need, while Travelodge Towcester Silverstone Hotel is ideal for those hoping to take in a race - either of the four-wheeled variety at Nearby Silverstone, or the four-legged at Towcester Racecourse.