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Exploring the beauty of Derbyshire

Located just outside of Hope Valley in the Peak District is the sleepy village of Brough. Famous for being home to the remains of the Roman Fort of Navio and a number of other points of historical interest. It's a beautiful place to ramble and walk, so plan your trip to Brough and get away from it all.

Escape to somewhere special

If you're looking to escape from the fast pace of your city life for a few days, finding a last minute deal to Brough could be a safe bet. Discover the Batham Gate - the meeting place of the Roman road from Buxton and the roads from Melandra. A visit to the Buxton museum will reveal a commemorative stone from the fort - a spectacle well worth your time.

Discover more in Brough

If you're a lover of beautiful scenery, walking along the river Noe that runs down the heart of Hope Valley is a must-do. As a popular tourist spot, there are plenty of places to stop of and admire the fantastic Peak District views. Brough is the perfect place for those looking for a weekend of wonder in Derbyshire. If you're looking for cheap, Nearby accommodation, stay in the Travelodge Sheffield Central hotel which is just over 11 miles away.