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About Hereford Railway Station

Hereford Railway Station is the main train station serving the cathedral city of Hereford, the county settlement of Herefordshire. It was opened in 1853, and became the city's sole train station in 1893, serving as the western terminus of the Cotswold Line, and a stop on the Welsh Marshes Line.

Discover Herefordshire

A major county of the West Midlands, Herefordshire is full to the brim with stunning countryside and interesting culture. The secluded Malvern Hills and beautiful Wye valleys, its ancient Norman ruins and stately Tudor homes, make the whole county a photographer's paradise. Eclectic festivals and events dotted throughout the year regularly attract a range of different crowds, including enthusiasts for cider, beer, country music, and much more. If you're looking for a peaceful and picturesque escape in England, Herefordshire is certainly the place to find it.

Discover the fairy-tale splendour of Eastnor

Though it may look ancient, Eastnor was constructed in the Victorian era as a 'mock' castle, complete with watch towers, battlements and parapets. Though it may not be as old as some of the castles in Britain, this Grade I listed building is steeped in fairy-tale historicity. Visitors will love strolling through its luxurious interiors, getting up-close with medieval suits of armour, interesting gothic architectural details, and many pieces of fine art.

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