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Sate your curiosity at The Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum, located on the University of Manchester's campus, is one of the UK's leading ethnography and anthropology museums. Open seven days a week, and offering free entry, students and the general public alike come often to see its fascinating collection of archaeological and biological exhibits.

Make the most of Manchester

Although London gets most of the limelight as a tourist destination, Manchester is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the UK. Young, varied, and brimming with energy and character, Manchester spearheaded the industrial revolution in Britain, and has since been a buzzing hub for business, technology, and the arts. Visitors will receive a warm welcome wherever they go, and come away with a potent sense of everything that makes Manchester the great city it is.

Be intrigued by the John Rylands Library

A short journey from the Museum, visitors can have a look around the John Rylands Library - one of Manchester's most impressive and historically significant pieces of architecture. This stunning gothic building houses a wide range of historical treasures, including the St John Fragment - the oldest known piece of the New Testament, and a magnificent collection of illuminated medieval manuscripts. After soaking in the intrigue of the Manchester Museum, the John Rylands library is a great place to round off the day.

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