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Welcome to Masham

Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Lower Wensleydale, Masham (or �Massam�, as it's pronounced) is a small market town full of ancient, yellow-brick houses and other rustic charms. Locally, it's known for its family-owned breweries, and events like its steam rally and sheep fair. The town also has a historic arts culture, with links to author Lewis Carroll and painter JMW Turner.

Have a gander at Harrogate

Harrogate is one of Yorkshire's proudest settlements; a beautiful spa town that's home to manicured English gardens, Edwardian architecture, and famously, Turkish baths. Visitors passing through can enjoy browsing a wide range of both independent and chain stores in the Montpellier quarter, pamper themselves at the popular Turkish baths, or visit the oldest tourist attraction in England: Mother Shipton's Cave.

Welcome to the Black Sheep Brewery

Black Sheep ales are an original product of Masham, and a visit to its brewery is one of the best ways to get closer to the spirit of the town. On one of their �shepherded� tours, you'll be able to see the working traditional brewhouse, and learn about each phase that goes into the brand's famous beers, before going back to the bar for a taste of the finished product straight from source.

Planning a trip to Masham? Travelodge Scotch Corner Skeeby Hotel is a half-hour drive away, and Travelodge Harrogate Hotel can be reached in 40 minutes.