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Explore world cultures at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Part of the Oxford University Museum, the Pitt Rivers Museum has a huge collection of archaeological and anthropological finds from around the world, from dance masks and body piercings to musical instruments and even shrunken heads.

Its founder, Augustus Pitt-Rivers, travelled all over the world adding pieces to his collection, and the result is a fascinating insight into countries and cultures around the globe.

Enjoy a college tour at the University of Oxford

Oxford is a university town home to over 30 colleges, each with its own history. By no means limited to students, you can explore their fascinating pasts yourself - many colleges offer public tours of their buildings and grounds for free.

Visit Christ Church to see where 13 of Britain's prime ministers came to study, and be sure to stop by the Bodleain Library - the second biggest library in the UK after the British Library.

Plenty to see and do in bustling Oxford

From Oxford Castle to the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology, this city is full of history. But if you're looking for something different, we've got some suggestions for you.

Visit the University's Botanic Gardens to escape the bustling city life, or wander through the Oxford Covered Market and browse a cornucopia of arts, crafts and plenty of cake stalls.

Planning a trip to Pitt Rivers Museum? There's plenty of hotels to choose from around the city. Try Travelodge Oxford Abingdon Road Hotel for a central location, or book a stay at Travelodge Oxford Peartree Hotel just 15 minutes north of the city.