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Lains Barn - Wantage's award-winning wedding venue

Based in Wantage, rural Oxfordshire, beautiful Lains Barn recently beat 8,000 venues to win an award for best wedding venue. Originally used for corn in Victorian times, by 1970 the barn was no longer useful for modern farming methods, but it was acquired seven years later to be restored for the community.

Betjeman Millennial Park - a fitting tribute to a great poet

Commemorating the start of the third millenium and local hero Sir John Betjeman, the Betjeman Millenial Park is popular with people of all ages. Offering special events such as poetry recitals, musical performances and art workshops, the park's natural beauty has made it the ideal place for location shooting for television and film.

Learn about birds of prey at Millets Farm Falconry

Under 7 miles from Wantage in Abingdon offers a showcase of over 70 birds of prey, from cute owls to fearsome eagles. Kids will delight in getting the chance to handle several birds, and will gain a valuable insight into the birds' eating habits and the ways they hunt. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Lains Barn? Travelodge Oxford Abingdon Road Hotel is your best bet, around a 10-mile drive away. Travelodge Newbury Chieveley M4 and Travelodge Oxford Peartree Hotel are only slightly further out.