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Exploring Oswestry

Oswestry is a large and ancient market town which stands on the western edge of Shropshire, just a few miles from the Welsh border. Home of an Iron Age fort and surrounded by idyllic, rolling countryside, this town attracts countless people looking to escape the city, with many great opportunities for hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Seeing Shropshire

Despite its stunning rural vistas and fascinating history, many people have no idea what they'll find in Shropshire before their first visit. Come to walk through the amazing medieval architecture of Shrewsbury, or learn about the history of Ironbridge - the UK's birthplace of the industrial revolution. Throughout the county, you'll be able to explore great retail opportunities, unique arts venues, and many more charming features.

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

This is one of Shrewsbury's youngest visitor attractions, opened in 2014. Boasting five spectacular galleries dedicated to the history of Shrewsbury and the wider area, and a special exhibition gallery showcasing the very best in touring exhibitions. Here, you can see some of the county's most precious Roman artefacts, as well as a range of intriguing, modern, and ever-changing art exhibits.

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