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Medieval romance at Rowton Castle

Events at Rowton Castle in Shropshire are nothing short of spectacular, with its statuesque turrets, corridor walls lined with eye-catching artworks and grounds manicured to reflect the romance of a Georgian era. With its battlement, turrets and medieval decor, at Rowton Castle it's hard not to be transported back in time. But even if the day (and your imagination) run away with you, make sure you steal a few minutes to explore the ground. Or better still, give yourself enough time to take it all in by coming back the next day.

Visit historical Shrewsbury

There are 600 listed buildings in Nearby Shrewsbury, just a short drive from Rowton Castle. Cobbled streets are overlooked by leaning black and white Tudor houses, and the famous Shrewsbury Castle is now a regimental museum. Explore the small city on foot and wander the banks of the River Severn as you take in the Shropshire city's chocolate-box backdrop.

A rambler's paradise

If you love the great outdoors then head to the vast green spaces in Shropshire Hills - an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, just south of Rowton Castle. The extensive walking routes are dotted with ramblers' inns, so you're almost guaranteed to not go thirsty. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Rowton Castle? Travelodge Shrewsbury Bayston Hill Hotel and Travelodge Shrewsbury Battlefield Hotel are only a 20-minute drive away.