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Rural Wiltshire village life

Approximately 3 miles south of Chippenham is the enchanting village of Lacock, surrounded by beautiful countryside and fantastic heritage with the well-known Lacock Abbey founded in 1232. Used as a location for TV productions such as 'Pride and Prejudice' and recent Harry Potter films, Lacock is a memorable place to visit in Wiltshire. The majority of Lacock village is owned by the National Trust and you'll see why - charming cottages line the attractive streets as you stroll to the village Church or Lacock Abbey. Most of the buildings date back to 18th century or earlier and have been well preserved by the National Trust.

Exploring Lacock Abbey and Country House

Within the amazing country house of Lacock Abbey, you can explore medieval rooms and learn about fascinating photography history within the Fox Talbot museum. The museum celebrates William Henry Fox Talbot's works, who created the earliest surviving negative in 1835. You'll learn more about the journey since these times when Talbot wanted to find a way to 'fix images'.

Finding the treasures of Wiltshire

Perfect for kids, you can take the Lacock spy mission treasure trail combinig sightseeing with clue hunting with a chance to win real treasure. The trail takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and takes you around the beautiful historic buildings of Lacock. You can download the trail map and book this excursion online which is suitable for all ages. There are two Travelodges Nearby to Lacock - Chppendham Leight Delamere M4 Westbound and Chippenham Leigh Delamere M4 Eastbound.