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Worcestershire hotels

Scenic English countryside and one of Britain's best ruins. Worcestershire is full of unexpected surprises. The county was the heart of the early English kingdom and boasts a rich and fascinating history. This is evident in the abundance of ancient and beautiful abbeys scattered around the county. Stay in one of our hotels in Worcestershire and break up the history with a ramble in the woods. Take a walk in the countryside that inspired Tolkien's Hobbit home 'The Shire'. Prepare yourself for a similar burst of brilliance.

Book hotels in Worcestershire

Book a hotel in Worcestershire and make sure you plan a nature walk in the beautiful Malvern Hills. Drive south 9.4 miles from our Worcester Hotel to begin your ramble. Head to the Worcestershire Beacon for fantastic views over the hills and beyond. Fill up your water bottle at one of the springs, as this water is famed for its remedial benefits � our very own Fountain of Youth. Next, head into town to the Theatre of Small Convenience. Seating just 12 people, it's the smallest theatre in the world. Alternatively, visit Witley Court. After a fire in 1937, what's left are spectacular ruins of the stately home. It's superb for active games, as you imagine the place pre-ruin, and it's a short 15-minute drive from our Hartlebury Hotel.

Things to do in Worcestershire

Worcestershire is full of surprises. Do you choose architecture or Africa? If it's the former, go to Worcester Cathedral. It's an impressive piece of English architecture that took nearly 500 years to build. The crypt and chapter house are highlights, and if you have the energy, walk up the tower. The views are worth the effort. Our Worcester Hotel is a five-minute walk away. If you're up for the latter, a day trip to the Safari Park is on the cards. Feed giraffes, hold a snake and time travel to prehistoric times to see the dinosaurs. It's less than three miles from our Kidderminster Hotel.