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Stretching from London to Edinburgh, the A1 crosses some of the most-photographed countryside in the British Isles and, of course, it's an invaluable route for any business traveller. Constructed parallel to the old coaching route, the Great North Road, the A1 has a tradition of comfortable wayside inns offering hospitality for travellers. We have numerous A1 hotels that are ideal for busy motorists on their way to a business trip or a family holiday, so why not check in?

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The Grantham A1 Hotel is situated between the A1 and the Great North Road and offers accommodation and a good night's rest to any weary traveller. The market town of Grantham is only 3.2 miles away and is famous for being the birthplace of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The town is also renowned for its old buildings, Belvoir Castle, the Twin Lakes Theme Park and Melton Mowbray Golf Club, only 18.8 miles away. Your drive along the A1 will take you across some of the most splendid scenery that the UK has to offer. You can always break your journey in Yorkshire with a stay at our Pontefract Ferrybridge hotel which is only 26 miles away from Leeds International Airport. This hotel is perfectly situated for those who want to unwind at the Pontefract Golf Club, 6.1 miles away, or perhaps at the Pontefract Racecourse, 3 miles away, so make sure you get the most from your break with a nice round of golf or a quick stop at the races.

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Travelodge hotels along the A1 offer some of the best opportunities to see all of these attractions up close. As you continue north along the A1, you'll pass the cathedral city of Ripon, whose church and busy market square inspired the author of Alice in Wonderland. You're also within 10 miles of the glorious Yorkshire Dales. If you want to break up your journey before reaching Scotland, then why not try the Washington A1 Northbound Hotel? Conveniently located by the side of the motorway, Newcastle is only 11 miles away and the airport 11.5 miles away. Anyone looking for somewhere to relax before their next meeting will love the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Nature Reserve, only 3.8 miles away, while the Washington 'F' Pit Museum in the town of Washington itself is another fascinating place to visit and only 2.6 miles away from the hotel. With plenty of cheap hotels along the A1, you know that wherever you're going to, whether in the south of England or right up to Scotland, you'll always be sure that you can find comfortable accommodation to suit your needs.