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Unique culture of 'The Ferry'

Sometimes known as South Queensferry to distinguish it from its northern namesake at the other end of the Forth Road Bridge, this charming coastal town 10 miles north-west of Edinburghy city centre has a unique history. Known locally as simply 'The Ferry', the town plays host to a weird and wonderful annual pagan celebration called 'The Burry Man' - a 300-year-old tradition during which a local man is covered head to toe in burrs (from the burdock plant) and paraded through town.

Ancient Edinburgh next door

The cultural highlights of Edinburgh need little introduction. From climbing the majestic Arthur's Seat, to exploring the fascinating National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Castle and dining out in its famous Old Town - the Scottish capital is a whirlwind of vibrancy. Perhaps most famous, its internationally-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival takes place throughout August and has uncovered past rising stars such as Billy Connolly, Alan Rickman and Steve Coogan to name a few.

A hotbed of homes

Lovers of a good stately home simply have to take a trip to Queensferry, with no less than three in a 4-mile radius. The Georgian Hopetoun House was Sir William Bruce-designed, while Nearby Dalmeny House is the home to the Earls of Rosebery. The Dundas Estate includes a castle and 9-hole golf course within its vast parkland. Planning a trip to Queensferry? The Travelodge Edinburgh Learmonth Hotel to the east, or northerly Travelodge Dunfermline Hotel are excellent choices.