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Premium surroundings at Colchester General Hospital

Colchester General Hospital is part of the NHS North East Essex trust and opened in 1984.

Sitting in an affluent area, there is a good handful of high-end shops and upmarket restaurants, all within walking distance. It's also well-connected to London, with a direct train taking around one hour, connecting you to the bright lights and endless number of sights, landmarks and museums.

Interactive exhibits

Colchester's museums are bursting with facts and knowledge about subjects from the Anglo-Saxon period to natural history going back over thousands of years. There are also some modern museums that involve iPads to explore in detail the interactive exhibits. For people who really want to immerse themselves in the stories and fully experience the history of the area, there are also some smaller guided tours.

Monkey business at Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo opened in 1963 and is home to a wide range of animals. For avid nature lovers, you can book on to be a keeper for the day where you'll get to get up close and personal with your favourite species. The zoo holds events throughout the year and is always a hit with the whole family.

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