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About Colchester Railway Station

Colchester Railway Station (sometimes referred to as Colchester North) is the main train station serving the large market town of Colchester, Essex. It was opened by the East Counties Railway in 1843, during the construction of a line from London to Norwich, over a similar route to the one the Great Eastern Mainline operates on to this day.

Colchester - Essex's oldest settlement

Colchester is distinguished by its rich tapestry of history, which still lives on in many parts of the town. Over thousands of years, the Romans, Saxons, Normans, and Tudors have all left their marks, weaving their architecture and culture into the fabric of the town. Today, the fascinating historical sites are interspersed by exciting modern features, including arts centres like the Mercury Theatre, family attractions like Colchester Zoo, and beautiful green spaces like the Beth Chatto Gardens.

Colchester Castle - your portal to the past

One of Colchester's best-loved attractions, and now bigger and brighter than ever, Colchester Castle is certainly worth a visit for anyone visiting the town. It's the largest Norman castle in Europe, and built on the foundations of a Roman temple, stretching through two distinct and bloody periods of English history. New interactive displays, incredible artefacts, and informative, friendly staff, make Colchester Castle one of the best attractions in Essex.

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