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Be at one with nature

Eatock Lodge Local Nature Reserve is only 5 minutes by car from Westhoughton, where kids can explore woodlands and spot interesting wildlife and wildflowers around the various ponds. Previously this site was occupied by Eatock Lodge Colliery which was closed back in 1934 and you can still see the pit lodge and spoil heaps as a reminder of this industrial history. This is a great walk, easily access for parking and is free of charge to the general public.

Leisurely Lancashire pursuits

Based north of Wigan, Haigh Woodland Park has a superb mix of walks and leisure activities for families. From 18 holes of adventure golf to the aerial adventure of Haigh High Ropes there is lots to do at this 250 acre park. In partnership with the Conservation Pig Company The Haigh Woodland Park uses Saddleback Pigs to graze within a 1 Hectare plot. This park is suitable for all ages and the admission is reasonably priced.

Indoor trampolining fun

Air Vault is a popular, well-reviewed Trampoline Park in Westhoughton. With 90 interconnected trampolines, impressive sound system and cafe this is a great leisure option if you're looking for something to do indoors. To save money on your jump sessions, take advantage of the off-peak pricing Monday to Friday term times.