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About Skegness Railway Station

Skegness Railway Station is a train station serving the seaside resort of Skegness on the coast of Lincolnshire. The station is relatively young compared to many others in the UK, being part of the Wainfleet Line, which was completed in 1873. It has 4 platforms, and is served by London and North-Eastern Railway.

Relax in Skegness

Skegness, or �Skeggy� as it's called by the locals, is a town where you can find all the features of a traditional English seaside resort. The pier, the donkey rides along the beach, and many quaint, independent shops have been drawing people in since the Victorian era. Aside from all the seaside delights, Skegness also plays host to a range of international music and art festivals held throughout the year, meaning everyone will find a great memory to take home.

Meet the pups at The Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Every year, several seal pups are stranded on the beaches of Lincolnshire. Thankfully, many of them are rescued by Natureland, a sanctuary that takes pups in, feeds them and nurses them, until they're ready to be re-introduced to the wild. You can help support this great cause with a visit to the sanctuary, and get an up-close look at the tireless work of its staff.

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