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The UK's most �British� museums. Several acclaimed universities. The ghosts of many famous Bloomsbury writers. Our hotels near Russell Square are a textbook example of the collision of academia, culture, history and literary lore. You'll also see more green spaces than you'd ever expect in central London. There's Russell Square plus seven other peaceful Georgian squares nearby. If literature's the draw, go on a tour of all the blue plaques to see the homes of famous literary folk like Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster and Charles Dickens.

Book hotels near Russell Square

Book a hotel near Russell Square and create a classic weekend break for the curious mind. Start with the British Library. It has a great one-liner. It houses literally every book written in the UK and Ireland in one place. If you're keeping score, that's 150 million tomes with 3 million new ones each year. One more number for you: it's only 0.2 miles from our London Central Kings Cross Hotel. Handy. Now, on to the British Museum, one of the world's oldest museums. First-timers, don't miss the mummies, Rosetta Stone or buried ship Sutton Hoo. Instagram moment: the 4th century cup which changes colour in different lights. Clever. All this history's only a mile from our London Central Kings Cross Royal Scot Hotel.

Things to do near Russell Square

History and music for you, play area and petting zoo for them? If the kids are with you, there's no better one-two punch. Start selfish. The Foundling Museum's for you. It documents the moving story of the Foundling Hospital, Britain's first home for abandoned children. The music bit: It houses the world's best collection of memorabilia from composer George Frideric Handel. Now, the bit for the kids: Nearby, you'll find Corams Fields � paddling pool, sandpits and a city farm with sheep, goats and hens. Tire the young ones out � our London Central Kings Cross Hotel is only 0.3 miles away.