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Rutland Hotels

Rutland is the smallest county in England made up of only two towns, Oakham and Uppingham. Not to worry, there's still plenty to do. At the centre, there's a large artificial reservoir, where much of the outdoorsy excitement happens. Stay in a hotel near Rutland, and you're in a great position to explore the numerous stately homes and estates. Luckily, since the county is so small, it's perfectly achievable to make a day trip to one of the bordering counties, but you'll be drawn back to Rutland by its picturesque towns and rural charm.

Book hotels in Rutland

Book a hotel near Rutland, and go to Yew Tree Avenue to see 150 yew trees, all sculpted differently. Our Grantham South Witham Hotel is only four miles away so it's an fun/quirky way to start the day. From here, make your way to Oakham Castle for a great example of 12th century architecture. Inside, there are over 230 horseshoes. It's tradition that every aristocratic person who enters the county must give a horseshoe to the lord of the manor. Trivia: The last one given was by the Duchess of Cornwall in 2014. Spend the rest of your day by Rutland Water Reservoir. There's plenty to do including golf, fishing and trekking around the nature reserve. After a long day, you're only a 15 minute drive from our Grantham South Witham Hotel.

Things to do in Rutland

Visit Bugtopia, a small family owned zoo, but don't expect to see anything fluffy. We're talking caimans and crocs. For a more interactive experience, head over to the Falconry and Owl Centre. As the crow flies (using major roads of course), you're eight miles from our Grantham South Witham Hotel. Next, you can experience your own eureka moment at Woolsthorpe Manor, the birthplace of Issac Newton, and subsequently where he discovered gravity. It's less than two miles from our Grantham Colsterworth Hotel, so you'll have plenty of time to see what genius the famous apple tree will instil in you.