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Experience the splendour of Woodhall Manor

Even among other country manors, Woodhall Manor is a spectacle. Passing through its iron gates, flanked by two stone eagles, you'll follow a sweeping drive up to the front of this beautiful Grade II Elizabethan building. Situated on the beautiful Suffolk coast and nestled within nine acres of walled gardens and landscaped grounds, this incredible mansion guarantees an experience steeped in rural English charm.

Be Intrigued by Ipswich

Ipswich has a long history as a trading port stretching back to Saxon times, but in recent years has become a bustling centre of restaurants, bars, live music venues, and leisure boat rides along the River Orwell. If you're a discerning foodie or just looking for a vibrant change of scenery on a night out, Ipswich has a huge range of experiences to offer.

Discover Saxon mysteries at Sutton Hoo

A beautiful, yet haunting, 255-acre plot of land, Sutton Hoo is home to one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in English history. Here, visitors can walk around the burial mounds left by ancient Britons, and uncover the story of the ship-burial of an Anglo-Saxon king. With a faithful reconstruction of the king's burial chamber, a trip to Sutton Hoo makes a great stop for the whole family.

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